Common Customer Service Questions & Answers

What currency does this website use?

All prices on this website are in US dollars

Can I tell you how many leads I want per day?

YES. After you place your order, you will have the opportunity to select how many leads you want each day. In the case of Aged leads or leads over 7 days old we will send them all at once.

Getting Replacement Leads: Some of your leads are bad (uncontactable) and you want to get them replaced?

OK, here is how it works. We give you 10% extra leads for free over and above what you order. That is to cover the inevitable few bad leads that sneak into most lead orders. Usually 10% more than covers the number of bad ones. So BEFORE contacting us about bad leads, wait until you have received ALL your leads. If you feel that the 10% extra did not cover the number of bad ones thendo this: Send us ALL the bad leads via the help desk so we can check them out and determine what went wrong. If they are bad we will replace however many it takes to bring your order up to the original number you ordered. For example: If you ordered 100 leads we would have sent you 110. If you find 15 bad leads we would replace 5 of those to bring you to 100 good leads delivered.

How do you know which company I am working with?

After you are finished on the secure shopping cart you will be taken to our client area where you can let us know which company you are working with. That's the same as which company you are a member of or distributor for.

Is your site secure?

Like all professional ecommerce websites our shopping cart checkout is 100% high security. It uses the highest grade encryption to safeguard your information. No one can interecept the data your information is protected to the same standard as banks.

How are your leads generated?

Our leads are generated via search engine traffic and advertising on large networks. People see the advertisements and are taken to a survey form. Once they fill out the form, they are a "lead" and they are sent to you expecting to be contacted very soon about a home business opportunity. All leads have volunteered the information and have not been given incentives to fill out the form. Sometimes you will contact a lead who claims they were only filling out a survey form for an ipod or some other type of incentive. They well may have done that either before or after completing our survey form. They may be confused about how many forms they have filled out as we do not offer ipods or any other incentive. It should be remembered that we have no control over how many firms the leads have filled out in their web surfing travels.

Shared or Semi Exclusive

This is a lead that is being shared with YOU and one other person. We ask you the name of the business you are promoting so that we do not share the same lead with someone in the same business than you. Shared or Semi-Exclusive leads reduce the investment considerably.

When Will I get My Leads?

Usually within 24 hours. After you have placed your order you will be taken to our client area. In this area there are a couple of steps to complete so as we may process your order. Once these simple housekeeping tasks are completed your order is ready to be processed. Leads are delivered into your free backoffice account. We will send you your backoffice login and the leads will begin being delivered shortly after that.

We ordered (sometime) ago and have not received any leads, whats the problem?

If this hapens to you, you need to look in your junk or spam folder because we HAVE sent you the login. This is why we ask everyone to whitelist our email addresses so as to avoid delivery problems.

The columns are too narrow on my leads file, I cannot read all the infomration, what do I do?

Often CSV files get a little compressed when they are emailed. All the columns are adjustable. Here is a short video which shows you how to make the adjustments

Weekend Delivery

Generally we do not make delivery of leads over weekends as we like to try and get some time off as well.

Where Are You?

We operate out of Brisbane, Australia and Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, USA.

The Phone Number For My Leads Is Wrong

Many phone numbers in Australia begin with a zero. Try adding a zero to the front of the telephone number as this sometimes is missing. If the number is bad and the lead cannot be contacted then its considered a bad lead. We do not need you to tell us about it. We will give you 10% extra leads over and above what you ordered to cover bad leads.

Do you sell leads to people building the same business as me?

The short answer is no. After you order we ask you to tell us which company you are representing. We make sure that the leads we send you are not sent to anyone else representing the same company. This covers all leads under 30 days old. Some leads older than that may have already been sold previously to someone building the same business as you. However, we often here that aged leads have never been cotnacted before by anyone...go figure.

What ways can I shop?

Our secure shopping accepts visa and mastercard. If you prefer you may make payments via Western Union or by Bank Deposit

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be given at the discretion of the Company Management, however, as a rule we do not give refunds. Accepting your order and processing your order requires we invest both time and money. due to the time sensitive nature of leads it is unlikely we would be able to recover our costs from trying to resell the leads we procured for you. This does not mean we do not want to satisfy you, we do 100%. So rather than give a refund we are willing to replace any bad leads you receive from us. In the case of Real Time Live Leads we already provide a 10% overage to you so the replacement of bad leads is already covered. To receive a bad leads replacement we need you to send us back the bad leads and tell us why they are bad. If , after discussion with you, we are unable to reach agreement and a refund is the only alternative we reserve the right to refund to a maximum of 75% to cover some of our costs.

IMPORTANT: How to Whitelist our email addresses so you do not miss messages from us. Please click here